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Volleyball Programs

Each month Mega1 will hold skill clinics focusing on the basics and technique of volleyball. Each skill is broken down to the basics with step by step instruction. This is a fun learning environment for boys and girls of all ages of beginners or those looking to improve their technique in hitting, passing, setting, serving and blocking. 1:10 or less coach/player ratio.  Dates of each clinic come out monthly and can be found on the calendar. Each clinic cost $20 and is held at Muckleshoot Tribal School in Auburn, WA.  
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Volleyball Positional

Mega1 offers training for outside hitters, middle blockers, setters, passing and liberos for ages 14 and older.  The positionals will help each athlete improve their technique, speed, accuracy, strength and decision making for the position they play.  Positional trainings are designed to develop consistency through repetition and proper technique.  Game like situations will help to improve decision making while establishing their positions responsibility. 1:10 or less coach/player ratio. Dates for each session can be found on the calendar. Positionals are $20 and held at Muckleshoot Tribal School in Auburn, WA.





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Speed, Agility and Explosiveness Training
This is an one hour fast paced training designed to improve each athlete's speed, strength and vertical.  This training is for any sport with some sport specific footwork drills in volleyball. Dates for each session can be found on the calendar. The cost is $20 per training.


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 Individual Volleyball Training


One on one training with coach Taneisha Tilque can be scheduled by emailing mega1sportsacademy@gmail.com or by clicking on the Book Now link. Individual training costs $35 per 90 minute training session .  All trainings are held at Muckleshoot Tribal School in Auburn, WA.

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Volleyball Camps
Mega1 offers full day and half day volleyball camps. Mega1's volleyball camps are great for all skills and levels and develops the WHOLE ATHLETE (physical ability & skills, mental toughness, focus, self regulation, awareness and connection.)   Our coaches have years of experience working with the youth as teachers, counselors and school administrators, so they are skilled at teaching the mental part of the game in age appropriate activities.We use the same methodologies employed by Division 1 Universities and professionals to give athletes a strong foundation in volleyball.  Boys and girls are grouped by age and ability where coaches will model proper technique and players will participate in various drills to practice those techniques.  Drills are designed to give players an abundance of reps in game like situations.


Our high school coach, elementary teacher, and former Division 1 Collegiate player, Taneisha Tilque, provides quality volleyball instruction with an emphasis on ball control to provide all players a positive experience. Skills are broken down and build on each other during each drill.  Campers taken through a series of repeated repetitions to encourage muscle memory. Court awareness and position responsibility is taught to improve volleyball IQ.  Local high school players will support athletes as assistant coaches and share their experiences as volleyball players. Each camper will be given a player evaluation at the end of camp so they can keep improving their skills.

Tacoma School's counselor, Gina Coheley, takes our players through a series of mindful exercises to help focus and strengthen mental awareness. Campers will learn about MINDFULNESS practices, IDENTIFYING their bodies' physical reactions to stress, learning how to COPE with "positive" & "negative" life stressors, learning how to set INTENTIONS and becoming aware of the ENERGY that we bring to the room/court/field! Players will learn the importance of positive thinking, how to make connections with others, to provide positive mental coaching for life and perseverance on the court. Campers will set  intentions each day, learn how to take their bodies through progressive muscle relaxation, goal set, and realize the power of positive thinking. Campers will have time to practice and reflect on these skills and will be used through each volleyball drill and game.These skills are often not taught to athletes, but are so valuable for athletic and personal growth.  Your child will use these skills in sports, school and life.

Stay tuned!  We are currently in the process of scheduling our volleyball camps for the season.
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Sattelite Team Camps
Do you want to host  a team camp for your middle school or high school team with experienced coaches?  Mega1 will come to your school and do all the work for you. Prior to scheduling your team camp, Coach Taneisha will contact you to determine your team goals and needs for the camp.   There is a 12 player minimum. Contact Taneisha Tilque at mega1sportsacademy@gmail.com for more details.
 Volleyball Teams
Mega1 Recreation Teams


Mega 1 Sports Academy offers an alternative volleyball program for those not able to play on a select club team due to finances, time or level of play.  Mega 1’s Volleyball In House team is for any level of athletic ability and for those just learning how to play volleyball.  The In House team will participate in the  Bellevue Boys and Girls Club Spring league and scrimmage within Mega1 teams. Registration begins January, 2020 and the season goes through  March-June.

Select Club Teams

Mega1 is looking to form competitive club team U12-U17 for the 2019-2020 season.  Please contact Taneisha at mega1sportacademy@gmail.com for more details.



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